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内容摘要:Jun DalisayNo, they are different just as Chinese and Filipinos are different.I’m a Filipino who has lived all around Vietnam for nearly 10 ...

Jun Dalisay
No, they are different just as Chinese and Filipinos are different.
I’m a Filipino who has lived all around Vietnam for nearly 10 years and is married to a North Vietnamese. Vietnam is more similar to China just as Filipinos are more similar to Indonesia.
These difference are in turn caused by the fact that 1) Vietnam was a province of China while the Philippines was not, and 2) the Philippines never had a single emperor to standardize the culture like Vietnam or China which are on mainland Asia. But that might change now that China is both encroaching on both Philippine and Vietnamese territory through island grabbing and 99-year economic zone leases.



Daniel Enriquez
I am a Filipino who has lived in Vietnam for three years and I have seen similarities but, largely, they are quite distinct from each other.
Some friends, noticeably from the uplands of Central Vietnam, appear to have come from Malay stock and even have some common words in their dialect with many Filipinos. In the same manner, I know of many Filipinos with Chinese ancestry who appear similar in facial features with folks from the northern part of Vietnam.
Successive waves of migration and colonization, coupled with centuries of intermarriage throughout each country’s history, however, ensured that the average Vietnamese and Filipino will be quite distinct in appearance, culture, and values from each other.
I am not schooled in Vietnamese history but some earlier answers pointed out the influence of the French and Chinese in their culture, history, and ethnicity. I am certain, because of Vietnam’s geography, the people here have also been in more contact with the rest of Mainland Asia.
The Philippines, on the other hand, has been heavily influenced in ethnicity by the Chinese, Malays, Austronesians, Pacific Islanders, Americans, Spaniards, and even Arabs ( before the arrival of the Spaniards, the ancestors of Filipinos were largely Islamic and around 10% of the current population still practices this faith ).




Jason Sanchez
I would say in some aspects. Both Filipino and Vietnamese culture were influenced by China although the Philippines was also influenced by India, Spain, Arabs, Americans etc. In terms of physical appearance I would say Vietnamese look like a mix of Chinese and Malay people while Filipinos look mixed like Malay, Chinese, Pacific Islanders, European, etc. In terms of history we have had similar experiences and struggles. I like to think that Vietnam and the Philippines are like the lone wolves of some sort. Something like how Russia and Britain are in Europe. Please don’t bash me this is just my opinion.


Ron Hunter
We are very diverse here in Houston. I’d say from my experience Vietnamese and Filipinos are quite different. I can find similarities but I don’t think they are significant.So, yes, you can find similarities, but likely the differences outweigh the similaritie


Sam Eaton
I live in Vietnam and the last time that I was in the Philippines was in 1969. So my experience is likely dated.
Still, aside from being in Asia, I have seen few similarities. The languages are completely different. Vietnamese culture is solidly Chinese based, while Filipino culture shares little with China.


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